Month: November 2020

We have a Christmas fundraiser for The Maarifa Foundation. 30% of EVERY PURCHASE made using the link below from today to 7th Dec, will go to delivering our 2021 program that supports kids in Maasai community Kenya access a proper education plus twinning up classrooms here in Australia with Kenya as they learn about each …

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Welcome to the Maarifa team, Stretton College (Brisbane, Queensland)!We are so very much looking forward to working with you next year. Not only for what we can do together to support and share with Illoirero Primary School in Kenya, but also to achieving your own local environmental goals!Check out this letter written by one of …

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In Kenya, although primary education is free, a family must still pay for textbooks, uniforms and teachers’ salaries. Moreover, if a child is going to school, it also means that they are not spending time contributing to the family’s income, adding a perceived loss in addition to school costs. This is particularly worse for girls …

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