Illoirero Primary School

In Kenya, although primary education is free, a family must still pay for textbooks, uniforms and teachers’ salaries.

  • Moreover, if a child is going to school, it also means that they are not spending time contributing to the family’s income, adding a perceived loss in addition to school costs.
  • This is particularly worse for girls who are expected to marry early and join their husband’s family.
  • The Maarifa Foundation wants to bridge this gap between boys and girls and provide education opportunity for those most in need – girls and boys!
  • We want to help more girls like Nkatoto, Nangatuti, Nkaisi, Jecinta and Grace, as well as the boys, reach their full potential and we are doing this in 2021 when school resumes by:
  • Paying school fees
  • Providing resources like solar lights for after dark study
  • Home visits and establishing support networks
  • Providing fun and engaging environmental education experiences.

The Maarifa Foundation is supporting Illoirero Primary School because the families from here help support local conservation by dedicating parts of their land to wildlife and habitat. Let us now help them!

Thanks to your kind donations, all this is possible. There is so much more we can do though, like buying uniforms (about $17 AUD each), building a small library (about $950 AUD) and filling it with books about wildlife and conservation – for all ages (about $3000 AUD), building energy efficient stoves that reduces need for firewood and provides students with a nutritious meal at school each day (about $1600 AUD).

If you can help we would love to hear from you, if you know a business that might be looking for a good cause to support, send them our way!

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