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Environmental Education for Kenyan and Australian kids

"In the end we will only conserve what we love, we will only love what we understand and we will only understand what we are taught"

- Baba Dioum

Education for Conservation

It takes a Global Village…

Through Education for Conservation today, we invest in tomorrow’s custodians. We empower students with knowledge and opportunity and cultivate a deep-seeded passion for wildlife and wild places. We deliver locally relevant, fun and engaging programs for children in Kenya and Australia, and provide opportunity to put their knowledge into practice and to share their experiences with global classmates. We focus on recycling, sustainable living, conservation of native flora and fauna and being good global citizens.

What we do

In the Masaai communities of Kenya, we assist with educational resources for students most in need. However it is our suite of Education for Conservation activities and deliverables such as in class lessons, field trips and the building of environmental libraries that we are really helping people and planet. Our unique global ‘twinning’ program connects students from Kenya with Australian students who we are also working with to meet their own local environmental goals whilst also ‘paying it forward’ to help their Kenyan classmates. 

Why Maasai community Kenya

Community wildlife conservancies are the life blood of Kenya’s rich biodiversity. These conservancies are lands owned by the Maasai, otherwise cleared and grazed, but instead, set aside for conservation and low-density eco-tourism. They provide integral ecological support for the National Parks and Reserves. They importantly also provide financial benefit to the local Maasai community. Through education that fosters sustainable living and protection of these environmental areas and the natural resources they sustain, we are helping to enhance the livelihoods of the local people which in turn helps the wildlife that rely on these areas for survival.

By engaging the younger generation in our Education for Conservation initiatives and providing assistance in paying school fees, provision of uniforms, shoes and solar lights  for children living on the borders of these conservancies, we help ensure they receive a proper education, we facilitate a passion for wildlife and conservation and we demonstrate a global gratitude to these communities for creating these biodiversity rich wildlife havens!


The Maarifa Foundation is proudly working with Gamewatchers Safaris and Porini Camps - the pioneers of the private conservancy concept.

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