Mazingira Libraries Project

Fostering curiosity and a love of nature! 

Our Mazingira Libraries Project (‘mazingira’ is Swahili for environment) is delivering fun and engaging learning spaces for students living near important wildlife areas in Maasai community Kenya. Spaces where children can explore the natural world in books and feed their thirst for knowledge.  

As part of our Education for Conservation Program we are building two new library spaces at Illoirero and Kishermoruak Primary Schools. These bright and colourful spaces will be filled with story and reference books about sustainable living, natural ecosystems, animals, plants and wild places of the world and how we can and must protect them – and why it is so important that we do.
These spaces will be strongly influenced by nature and traditional Maasai culture and will be learning hubs for students to read, dream and be inspired. They will be spaces for special events to engage with parents and the wider community and spaces where we invest in our future conservation stewards.
This Project will be delivered in a staged approach that will allow students to start accessing learning resources by mid-2021.
  • STATUS UPDATE: Stage 1 – completed December 2021
In 2021 we have delivered…
  • Tables and chairs for Kishermoruak Primary School
  • New book shelves
  • Over 500 books
  • 100 book bags
  • 25 solar lights
  • 2 laptops and 1 projector
Our goals for 2022 (Stage 2) are…
  •  Construct a sustainable ‘Green’ Mazingira Building for Illoirero Primary School
  • More tables and chairs  for Kishermoruak Primary School
  • 1000 more books
  • 60 book bags
  • 25 solar lights

Give the gift of knowledge and foster in these students, a real deep-seeded love of the natural world.

Purchase a solar light and book bag

$ 25

Donate $50 of books

$ 50

Donate a whole shelf of books

$ 200
Email us at info@themaarifa to donate via Bank Transfer or other means. Thank you for your help!.



 Thank you for donating.