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“In the end we will only conserve what we love, we will only love what we understand and we will only understand what we are taught”    – Baba Dioum

Education for Conservation

It takes a Global Village…

Degradation of our natural environment and loss of animal habitat is felt across the planet and as a global village we must unite. Our objective at The Maarifa Foundation is to support and empower students with the knowledge and opportunity to make positive environmental choices through appreciation of the global natural world. We support students both in Kenya and Australia to achieve their own local sustainability goals and to share their stories with their global classmates. 

Through our program we provide assistance in paying school fees, provision of uniforms, shoes and solar lights to support families most in need in Maasai community Kenya. However it’s our education for conservation program for children living near important wildlife areas that will cultivate the next generation of change-makers – improving livelihoods through sustainable living and protection of the natural environment.

What we do and why

Wildlife conservancies are the life blood of the protected area system in Kenya. With approximately 70% of wildlife in Kenya living outside National Parks and Reserves, the role of these wildlife safe havens is essential for the long term survival of many species, including elephants and lions. 

Living on the borders are the Maasai communities that own the conservancy land.  In return for setting aside portions of their land as conservancies for conservation, they  receive land leases and employment opportunities that is generated from small-scale sustainable eco-tourism. 

At The Maarifa Foundation, we deliver meaningful and locally relevant Education for Conservation for students living near wildlife conservancies. By supporting the school, we are supporting the community, that supports conservation. Through fun and engaging education, we are supporting tomorrow’s environmental stewards of these very special places. 

Class is in session…

Our Education for Conservation Program is well underway at Illoirero Primary School. Yesterday Mazingira Club students learnt...

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Karibu Joyce!

Welcome to the Maarifa family. As our new Environmental Education Officer, she will be delivering our Education...

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The Maarifa Foundation is proudly working with Gamewatchers Safaris and Porini Camps - the pioneers of the private conservancy concept.
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